Hire a domestic helper

The annual salary must exceed HK$180,000.00 or the last three consecutive months, the monthly income exceeds HK$16,000.00 or the bank account time deposit exceeds HK$360,000.00 in the past three months. The applicant must provide the electricity bill or telephone bill or gas issued in the last three months. Fees, etc.Employers who live in public housing estates require the approval of the Housing Department.

Overseas Domestic Helper Application Procedure

One week One week Six to eight weeks Two to three weeks
Contact Document Preparation Consulate Notarization Immigration Department Approval Exit Procedure and Final medical Check-up

Those who wish to hire foreign domestic helpers must prove that they have sufficient financial means. The basic requirement is that Employers who employ each foreign domestic helper must have a family income of not less than HK$16,000 per month.

Q. If a new hire contract is signed with a foreign domestic helper, what is the current minimum wage?
A. The current "lowest wages" is $4,520 per month.
Q. How long does the helper work to enjoy a statutory holiday?
A. All foreign domestic helpers, regardless of the length of their service, are entitled to a 12-day annual statutory holiday for their employer for 3 months.
Q. What holidays are foreign domestic helpers entitled to?
A. Rest days, statutory holidays and paid annual leave. According to the standard employment contract, if the employer and the helper renew the contract, the helper must return to his place of residence for a period of not less than 7 days before the new contract takes effect. The fee is paid by the employer.
Q. When the contract is terminated or expires, what payment do I have to pay to the helper?
A. At the end of the termination of the employment contract or the expiration of the contract period, the amount you should pay to the helper depends on factors such as the period of employment of the helper and the reason for terminating the employment contract. However, the termination of the employment contract generally includes:
  • any unpaid salary;
  • payment in lieu of notice (if applicable);
  • Salary replaces any unpaid annual leave and prorated annual leave pay for the holiday year
  • Long service payment or severance payment (if applicable)
  • Others are required to pay the helper according to the employment contract, such as return air tickets and meals and transportation allowances. You should keep a receipt for the payment

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